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Microsoft Advertising adCenter Upgrade is Live – September 2011

MSN announced Monday that the most recent upgrade for the adCenter PPC platform is live. Their focus recently has been to address some of the most pressing user requests that frequently they receive. This time around, they’ve address two requests from advertisers:

– Easier account reactivation
– Improved account management experience

Easier Account Reactivation

Now, instead of having to create a brand new account, you’ll be able to reactivate an old account with the click of a button. Select the inactive account and click the “Re-activate” button on the “Account List” page. Presto! Your account is reactivated and ready for optimization.

Some things to note before you go hog-wild reactivating old accounts –

If your inactive account has carried an unpaid balance for more than 180 days, you won’t be able to reactive the account.

MSN is keeping their previous account limits. You can have 6 active accounts at a time, but only 5 of those can be associated with the same credit card.

Improved Account Management Experience

To take advantage of the new improvements, make sure you’ve updated all of your browsers. Here’s the latest info from the MSN adCenter blog:

– The latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox now provide the optimal experience with the Microsoft Advertising adCenter interface.
– Users with browsers that are not fully supported will see an alert message along with links to supported browsers within the adCenter user interface.
– While we don’t have a specific release date yet, we are doing on-going work to offer full compatibility of adCenter with the latest versions of Chrome and Safari in the future.

Keeping up to date on the latest round of changes for the PPC platforms can help you better manage your accounts. If you’d like help managing your pay-per-click campaigns, give us a call. We’ll talk about your advertising goals and go over what an appropriate budget would be to be competitive in your market. You can reach us at 800-267-1704.