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Google Announces Bid-Per-Call

Google announced today that they would be releasing a new feature named “bid-per-call” to US and UK advertisers. Now you can not only bid on clicks, but you will also have the option to bid on phone calls when your ads show on computers and tablet devices.

If phone calls generate quality leads for your company, you can now opt to bid separately on calls. Phone calls are more of a sure bet than a click on your ad, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the minimum cost of these bids will be slightly higher than traditional cost per click prices.

Another important thing to point out about this new feature is that your phone call click-through-rate will have an impact on your ad’s Quality Score, which in turn has an impact on your Ad Rank. Obviously, the better your ad’s Quality Score the better your ad will rank and the more calls you are likely to receive.

To learn more about Google’s new bid-per-call feature, visit their blog.

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