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New MSN adCenter Upgrade!

MSN adCenter’s blog announced today that they’ve made some new improvements to the platform just in time for the busy holiday season. My first impression is that your account information is more accessible than before, as most of these changes are reporting-based. It’s great to see that MSN is starting to respond to advertiser frustrations with their platform by stepping up the ease of reporting and analyzing account data.

Here’s a rundown of the new features –

New Opportunities Tab: bid suggestions for keywords and in-line editing
New Share of Voice feature: Let’s you see where you’re missing out on impressions in Account, Campaign, and Ad Group performance reports and how those could impact your account
New Homepage Dashboard: Much cleaner view of your data
Better Quality Score Data: Now you can view historical and aggregated quality score data organized by time frame (hour, day, week, month or a summary)
New Change History Reports: See changes you make to the account over time
New Keyword ID Field: API users can update their bids with ease!

Read more improvements made by MSN recently on their adCenter blog.

Being a PPC management agency, we’re excited to see that MSN is upping their game when it comes to platform usability. PPC management can be complex, so any changes to the platforms to help account managers access their clients’ data is a bonus. If you’re interested in putting together a PPC campaign for your business, or if you currently have a campaign that could use some help, give us a call today. Tell us what you’ve tried or what you’d like to try to better reach your target market online. If you think we could help you do that, we’d love to hear from you.

Call 800-267-1704 to talk with one of our friendly account managers today.