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FAQs: Facebook Advertising

Q: Can I advertise on Facebook?
A: Absolutely! Facebook has developed an ad platform over the last couple of years to allow businesses the chance to reach the vast network of Facebook users.

Q: Is Facebook set up the same way as Google or MSN?
A: No. The big difference is that Facebook’s ad platform doesn’t use keywords to decide when and where ads should be run. Instead, Facebook let’s you choose different targeting options, such as age, gender, interests, workplaces, geographical locations, education, etc.

Q: Is Facebook right for every advertiser?
A: This depends. Because of the difference in targeting options, Facebook may not be the best choice for all advertisers. If your product or service is extremely broad in nature, you may find it difficult to properly target your audience on Facebook. If you’re able to be specific with the audience you’re trying to target, Facebook may work out better for you. If you’re unsure, it’s not a bad idea to simply begin to set up a campaign to see the ad reach estimates that Facebook gives you based on your selections. You can get a general idea of who all you could reach and make a decision based on these numbers.

Q: Does my ad have to send people to my Facebook business page?
A: Not at all. You have the option to either send people to your Facebook page or an external URL.

Q: What are some tips for using Facebook ads?
A: Be as specific as possible in your targeting and make sure that your ad speaks clearly to the audience. Use a picture with a person in it if at all possible (these tend to have higher click through rates). Write compelling ad text. Segment your audience, if possible, into small groups and write ads that specifically target these smaller groups of people. The more relevant you can be to people’s lives, the better.

Q: Where can I get help with Facebook Advertising?
A: We’d love to help you get a Facebook advertising account set up. Call us at 800-267-1704 to tell us more about your advertising goals online.