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Mining for Negative Keywords

Keywords have a lot of control over the way your account performs. That’s why it’s important to not only have a solid list of keywords, but also to have a solid and ever-growing list of negative keywords.

Negative keywords are vital to an account, often times knocking your ad out from showing for wacky phrases that don’t actually bring you the kind of traffic you’d want. Here’s an example – say you have the broad match keyword red shoes because you sell red running shoes. If you don’t sell red clown shoes as well, you could be in trouble with this keyword phrase (red shoes). The broad match keyword phrase red shoes is also eligible to run for the keyword phrases red clown shoes. Adding the negative keyword (-clown) can save you from a lot of wasted money.

How Do I Find Negative Keywords?

You can find negative keywords in a number of ways, so we’ll go over just a few today. The first is noticing what Google populates in the search bar as you type in your keyword phrase. Google’s instant search suggestions are a clue as to what words and phrases they associate with your keyword. Take note of any words or phrases that don’t have anything to do with your product/services and add them to your negative keyword list.

The second way you can find negative keywords is by looking at your keyword lists in the Google Adwords platform. When you have the keyword tab open, there is a tab that reads “See Search Terms…” Select this tab and select “All” in the drop down box. This will take you to a list of keywords, or search queries, that people used to find your ad. Go through and add any keywords that would help expand your account and add any negatives that you gather from seeing these queries as well. Be careful if you add keywords directly from this list, as they may not be in the match type that you want. Double check match types before you add the keywords.

This quick overview should help you as you begin to add negative keywords to your account. Paid search advertising can be tricky and requires you to be very detail-oriented. If you need help getting a campaign started, give us a call today at 800-267-1704 or fill out a contact form.