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About Pinnacle Positions

Pinnacle Positions (a division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.) is a full-service PPC management company with offices in Austin and Chicago.  We provide pay-per-click management on Google, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook.  In addition to PPC management, we have the in-house capabilities to create custom content (available on a per-page basis) which is often necessary to improve quality score (a measurement within Google Adwords that impacts the cost of your campaign).   For clients who wish to compliment their PPC campaign with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we are able to seamlessly manage both through our our sister company, The Search Engine Guys (also a division of Cloud 8 Sixteen).

Pinnacle Positions only provides PPC services on an exclusive basis.

Why?  Exclusivity is critical to the relationship and to the performance of the campaign. Without exclusivity, our relationships with our clients would simply be “transactional”.    With exclusivity, a business relationship can develop to the point of true trust and partnership.   BMW would would never hire the same agency as Mercedes-Benz, likewise for other major consumer brands.   Why should it be any different for you?   Why would you hire a company who works with and for your direct competitor?   As a client of Pinnacle Positions, you get 100% exclusivity for your targeted keywords.  Zero compromise. Zero conflict of interest. Zero overlap.  In each initial conversation, we uncover potential conflicts and always defer to our existing clients if there are any questions.

Our Management Team

In addition to being a few steps too slow on the hard court, our founding partners are showing signs of male pattern baldness (Chicago) and breakfast burrito overdose (Austin). Nevertheless, they proudly possess over 25 years of combined experience in the core disciplines of SEO and have consulted with over 1000 companies (combined) across the US during their careers.

        • Joel Davis – Director of Business Development – Chicago
        • Joe Devine – Founder / Chief Executive Officer – Austin
        • Rodney Organ – Founder / Chief Technology Officer – Austin
        • Itzett Romero – Paid Search Director – Austin
        • Graham Smith – Founder / Chief Web Strategist – Chicago

Web Strategists

        • Koby Ackie – Austin
        • Robert Hangren – Austin
        • Chris Joyce – Chicago
        • John Kovacs – Chicago
        • Denise McDermott – Chicago

We’re Looking for Relationships

We believe that meaningful relationships hinge on directness and transparency.   In the beginning stage of a potential relationship, we spend far more time discussing limitations, unknowns, and the particulars of what we are up against, than attempting to project or predict possible results.   Since no one can predict the future, we think this is the only prudent and honest way to do business.

Who wants to hear a sales pitch? Not us! Why should you? We believe that time will always say “I told you so”. Our goal is not to make PPC better than it is but rather put our clients in a position to make the most efficient use of their marketing dollar.

If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from a targeted, efficient pay-per-click campaign,  please contact us at 800.267.1704