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Rodney Organ – Founder / Chief Technology Officer

As the leader of our technology/development teams, Rodney directs and oversees all aspects of our development and design work within Cloud 8 Sixteen. With over a decade of programming experience and professional experience as a senior software developer for one of the largest publicly-held energy companies in the US, Rodney adds a wealth of technical know-how to the Cloud 8 Sixteen arsenal.

Rodney’s extensive experience gives him broad context to draw from as he leads our development teams. Rodney is proficient in a range of development platforms, including: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java.


When I am not behind the keyboard, I spend most of my time with my beautiful wife and our two sons. I am an avid weightlifter, basketball player, and enjoy woodworking. I always need a project around the house, which I hope my wife appreciates.