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Where Did My Ad Go? New Ad Placements on Google Search

If you’ve been searching for your own ads lately, which I don’t advise doing without using the Google Ad Preview Tool, you may have noticed something weird going on. Don’t panic, it’s just Google testing new ad placements again. If you haven’t been using Google Adwords very long you may not know how often Google makes changes to their search results pages (hint: all of the time).

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Google announced that they are going to be offering a new ad placement for Google Adwords ads. After researching the massive amount of data that they have on advertiser performance, Google decided that ads placed at the bottom of the page (under the organic search results) may perform better because they’re more in line with the way that people scan the results page. Over time, it’s become more and more evident that ads on the side of the page don’t get the kind of response that ads within the main search results column receive.

It will be interesting to see how these new ad placements perform over time. This, of course, will not be Google’s last change when it comes to testing new ad placements and tactics. PPC management can be challenging if you’re not familiar with Google’s changes and don’t have the time to really get into your campaigns and optimize.

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