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FAQ: Should I put a phone number in my ad text?

We’re often asked about whether including phone numbers in the text of the ad is a good idea or not. At Pinnacle Positions, we don’t like to put phone numbers in the text of an ad for several reasons:

1. Google has an extension where you can include your phone number. This doesn’t take up precious text space.
2. You get limited space to create a compelling message, as is.
3. If people only called you and never clicked the ad, your click-through-rate would drop as well as your average position over time (click-through-rate makes up a portion of your quality score).

While you may still choose to include your phone number in your MSN adCenter or Facebook ads, it really isn’t needed in Google if you add a phone extension to your ads. This lets you display your phone number without taking up the limited text space that you’re given for each ad.

Focus on writing interesting and compelling ad text. The internet is full of people looking to research information about services, products, etc., so it’s important that you speak to their needs in your ad. Think about what your customer/client might be looking for and keep ads specific to the set of keywords that you’ve chosen to use. If your keyword group is about red tennis shoes, make sure that your ad is specifically about red tennis shoes, not just shoes in general. The more relevant and interesting your ad text, the more likely you are to convert that visitor into a sale or lead.

The most important reason we don’t like to include phone numbers in the text of an ad is because it goes against logic when it comes to building up a high quality score. Quality score is compromised of many different factors, one of which is click-through-rate. If people only ever called the number in your ads and didn’t click your ad, your impressions would be much higher than the number of clicks you would receive. While this may sound nice (not paying for clicks and still getting calls), over time this will hurt your campaign. As your quality score would begin to drop, so would your average position. You’d have to bid more over time to make up for the loss in quality score and might wind up paying even more for traffic than you would have if you would have used compelling ad text and the Google call extension for your ads.

All in all, we highly recommend that you stay away from phone numbers in your ad text and use the Google call extension to display phone numbers without taking up limited text space.

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