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Becoming AdExcellence Certified

Today we are going to cover the requirements needed to become AdCenter certified. Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence exam is a far less challenge than Google’s Adwords certification test. We do recommend taking a couple of weeks to go over the material since it is an extensive exam. Unlike Google Adwords test, the AdExcellence exam focuses more on AdCenter basics and best practices. Passing the AdExcellence exam allows you to become an AdExcellence member. This means you are able to display the logo on your website. Here are the exam basics:

Passing Score: 80%

Length: 100 multiple choice questions

Cost: $50 every time you take it. You have to wait a week before you can retake it.

Certification: The exam is good for one year

You need a Windows Live ID to take the exam. You also need to manage at least one AdCenter account. You do not need to become certified to manage AdCenter accounts; however, the free study guide does offer valuable tips that can help enhance your account. All in all, the more certifications you acquire the more qualified you become to manage PPC accounts. Good luck on taking the exam and remember, even if you’ve managed accounts for a couple months, it’s always best to look over the free resources AdCenter has to offer.

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If you’re not planning on becoming AdExcellence certified and would rather have a team of certified professionals manage your account, contact us at 800-27-67-1704 to get started with online advertising.