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Top 10 Must Dos for SMBs

Managing SMBs (small to medium size businesses) can be a challenge. PPC is getting more complicated and trying to keep up with industry trends and interface changes can become a real nightmare. Usually, SMB accounts get started on the wrong foot and burn out. Here are a few tips for campaigns that target a local market on a small monthly budget.

  1. 1. Looking at your analytics information is vital to be able to maximize your small PPC budget. Remember analytics doesn’t track time on site unless a user visits more than one page. Know this before you decide to optimize based on this data.
  2. 2. Bid high on new keywords to start off with a good CTR.
  3. 3. Adding a brand campaign can increase overall account CTR.
  4. 4. Optimize campaigns based on quality score. This will help decrease your CPC.
  5. 5. Every couple of months run a keyword audit on all of your keywords to ensure you have included every match type. This way you can optimize them based on which ones works best.
  6. 6. Experiment with video ads. The display network is becoming more sophisticated. Try it again if it hasn’t work for you in the past.
  7. 7. Get social. Create a business Google + page to take advantage of the new social extensions feature in Google Adwords.
  8. 8. Experiment with AdCenter. They recently updated their interface making it more user-friendly. You may be missing out on some advertising opportunities.
  9. 9. Add extensions for all of your campaigns. That includes location extensions, sitelink extensions, and phone extensions. They can dramatically increase CTR.
  10. 10. Run reports on your top ten best performing keywords. These are the keywords driving your account so optimize these as best you can.
  11. Remember to keep up with industry news, keep testing, and continue to optimize. If you’d rather have a team of experts optimize your SMB, contact us at 800-267-1704 to help you with your account.