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Call Extensions With Google Forwarding Numbers

Call extensions are a great way to showcase your business phone number in your Adwords ad. Now you can take it a step further with Google forwarding numbers, which allow your phone number to appear in desktop and tablet devices.

How They Work

When you choose this feature, Adwords assigns a forwarding number to your ad groups on both desktop and mobile campaigns. The forwarding number then reroutes to your business phone number. The click-to-call feature is still applicable on mobile so the phone number will become clickable link on phone browsers.

Pricing and Bidding Options

Forwarding numbers have a minimum cost of $1.00 when it’s shown on desktop and tablets. Depending on spend, an advertiser can also dedicate a max CPP (bid per call), that will be factored in your ad rank along with your CPC. This is only applicable for desktop and tablets. For mobile campaigns, the cost of a phone call is your CPC.

The change definitely adds value for clients that prefer phone calls to clicks. Since an advertiser loses track of a searcher after they go to the website and call extensions aren’t currently featured in desktop and tablets, Google forwarding numbers offer a good way to measure the amount of phone calls generated from PPC.