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Google Introduces “Offer Extensions” for Adwords

Google is rolling out a new tool for AdWords advertisers called “Offer Extensions.” The new feature will merge special offers with search.

Google announced Offer Extensions on it’s Ad Innovations page last week. The feature, which was previously available to only select advertisers in Beta format, will be open to all advertisers b the end of the month. The tool will allow advertisers to add a coupon or discount to their Google search ads.

Google explains that Offer Extensions will let advertisers “distribute offers to consumers when they’re searching for products, services, or businesses.”

As shown in the image above, pay per click ads will now display a “view offer” button. According to Google, when users click the link, “they’ll be taken to a Google hosted landing page where they can view the offer and either print or save it online (to their ‘My Offers page at for use in the store.

google offer extension

While there are many advantages to Offer Extensions, one of the most significant is that posting offers in PPC ads will be much cheaper than posting a deal on Groupon or similar sites. An offer on an Adwords ad also has the potential to reach a much larger audience than a Groupon offer.

Offer Extensions also makes it possible to directly measure how online action affects offline action, a problem that many PPC advertisers have faced. Many Adwords marketers have struggled with how to measure the full extent of their campaigns. If a user sees a Pay-Per-Click ad online, but opts to visit a business’s physical location instead of converting on a website, they are not tracked.

With Offer Extensions, Google allows advertisers to track how many offers are printed out and redeemed in person. This enables advertisers to track offline conversions from search ads, a statistic that had previously alluded PPC marketers.

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