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Pinnacle Positions Pricing


One of the main reasons clients hire us to manage their pay-per-click campaigns is our commitment to total exclusivity. While this may limit our revenue potential, we believe that very limitation allows for true partnerships and trust to develop between us and our clients. Our fee structure reflects a premium because we only work with one business type, per market, on an exclusive basis.  With exclusivity, however, we are always available  to help you when you need us.


We strive to develop partnerships with clients where both parties can assess data and draw conclusions together. If it makes sense to shut down a particular campaign, we’ll be the first to point that out. If it makes sense to be more aggressive, we’ll recommend a new plan of action. If you need to pause an account, we allow clients to pause with no management fee for up to 60 days. We don’t recommend this, because your account history matters, but we understand that flexibility can make a world of difference (especially for seasonal businesses).


As part of our fee structure we provide monthly reports that allow our clients to review the performance of their campaign – our reports focus on cost-per-click, average ad position, total clicks / impressions, and average click-through rates. This data provides meaningful context for the on-going assessment of the campaign and allows clients to determine if they should be more or less aggressive with their click budget.

Determining A Budget for Clicks

During our initial conversations with you, we will discuss target keywords and will look at projected cost-per-click.  We can then determine a sensible recommendation for an initial budget.

Pay-per-click advertising can take time to evaluate and determine what it will take from a budget standpoint to succeed. Each time a search query triggers your ad, an auction occurs, which means that the price of your clicks can vary each and every time your ad is shown. While it’s true that PPC allows you to have your ads up and running in a short time period, it takes several months to really understand how the campaign will perform.

For this reason, it is important to give yourself enough room in your budget to anticipate different traffic flows early on in your campaign.  Those with overly conservative budgets run the risk of never seeing what your campaign is fully capable of doing. When budgets are too low, it’s likely that your ad will not have the chance to appear in search results as often as you’d like. If your ad isn’t appearing in search results, it can’t accumulate the history needed to improve and thrive. The longer your campaign runs, the better the chance it has to improve and garner a higher quality score across the search engines.

We suggest being fairly aggressive with your campaigns early in the process (3-6 months) to get the ball rolling. Unless you give your pay-per-click campaign a fair chance to thrive, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to truly evaluate its potential impact on your business.


On new PPC campaigns we charge a management fee of 25% of the actual spend monthly spend. One time set-fees range from $500 on up, depending on the scope of the campaign.

Paying for Clicks

When you hire us to manage your pay-per-click campaign, you agree to the current terms of each platform: Google AdWordsMicrosoft AdCenter, and Facebook. This means that Pinnacle Positions will only charge you for set-up and monthly management fees.  Both parties agree to a not-to-exceed budget and Pinnacle Positions manages this budget within the respective platform (Google / MSN / Facebook / LinkedIn) and all clicks are charged directly by the respective platform to your credit card.