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Pinnacle Positions provides full management of paid search accounts. That means we keep ourselves busy with things like keyword research, account organization and set up, bid management, and ad split testing. We typically focus on Google accounts, but we’ve got the experience and ability to set up accounts across multiple PPC platforms, including MSN (Bing & Yahoo) and Facebook.

Available Platforms


Google Adwords is typically the most popular PPC platform because of their large search volume. Common phrases, like “Google it,” have made this search engine the go-to stop for anyone searching for information on the web. Google allows you to target your campaigns by keywords, locations, and various other demographics. You can find Google Search ads running along the top and right side of search results.


MSN Adcenter is the platform that manages ads that run on Bing and Yahoo, among other partner sites. Plenty of people prefer these search engines to Google, so it’s a good idea to have coverage on this platform when you’re looking to reach users over a variety of sites online. You can target your campaigns by keywords, locations, and various other demographics. MSN Adcenter ads will appear above and to the right of search results.


Facebook is one of the newest ad platforms to be introduced. Ads on Facebook are targeted different since it isn’t technically a search engine. Instead of bidding on keywords, Facebook allows you to target people based on demographics such as location, age, gender, etc. You may also choose to target by specific interest or by interest categories. These ads usually appear on the right side of a person’s Facebook wall, but have been known to also be shown on the left, depending on layout.

Learn More About Our Services

We focus on building tailor-made campaigns for our clients. If you have questions about how pay-per-click advertising could work for your business, give us a call now at 800-267-1704.